Exemplary Cases

Procedure #1-
Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

Symptoms before surgery:
Hand numbness, weakness and inability to sleep

Procedure #2 -
Excision of Herniated Lumbar Disc

Symptoms before surgery:
Back and leg pain, heaviness
and numbness sensation

Procedure #3 -
Removal of Herniated Cervical Disc

Symptoms before surgery:
Neck and arm pain, heaviness and numbness sensation

Procedure #4 -
Resection of Spinal Cord Tumor

Symptoms before surgery:
Bilateral leg weakness, heaviness and numbness with somebladder and bowel incontinence

Procedure #5 -
Microvascular Decompression of Trigeminal Nerve

Symptoms before surgery:
Severe electric episodic unilateral facial pain with inability to eat or brush teeth

Procedure #6 -
Resection of Brain Mass

Symptoms before surgery:
Headache, unsteadiness, weakness and dizziness

Procedure #7 -
Carotid Endarderectomy

Symptoms before surgery:
Transient episodes of heaviness and numbness in one side of the body with some visual blurring

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